Discover Your True Purpose and Unlock Your Full Potential in Just One Transformative Session

Unleash Your True Potential with the Radical Clarity® Session.

The Intrinsic Way for Women Entrepreneurs to Identify Their Purpose • Attract their ideal Clients and Earn Profits Confidently & Consistently!

“…somewhere along the way, that excitement turned into confusion and frustration”

As an entrepreneur, I’m guessing you started your business journey fueled by passion. You had a dream to impact lives, transform industries, and create something meaningful.

But over time, that initial passion faded into frustration and uncertainty. You started your business with a burning desire to make a difference and live your potential. But somewhere along the way, that excitement turned into confusion, overwhelm and frustration.

It’s like having a treasure map with no ‘X’ to mark the spot. You know you’re meant for something bigger, but you’re constantly pulled in different directions, never gaining the momentum you desire.


I’ve been in your shoes before – and I’m here to guide you through the fog into purposeful direction.

Without clarity, you struggle

Without clarity on your core purpose, you struggle to build real momentum. You bounce between new ideas, spin your wheels on activities that don’t align, and don’t know how to connect genuinely with your ideal audience.

You're looking for a path forward

You know you’re meant for more – but still haven’t uncovered the path forward. Imagine the frustration of having brilliant ideas and passions but not knowing how to align them. It’s like having a scattered puzzle with missing pieces, making it impossible to see the full picture of your success

You just want to help people

You’re here thinking “I just want to help people with what I’m great at, I want to make money with it and feel good about doing that and I want to be out here like I know my stuff.”

Your lack of purpose clarity is costing you time, money and missed opportunities each day your business remains directionless.


You’re craving more confidence, conviction and alignment around who you serve and why. But an endless stream of new ideas, interests and possibilities makes it hard to stay focused.

Trying to piece together your purpose alone through journaling and self-reflection hasn’t brought the breakthrough you desire. You need dedicated guidance to excavate your purpose faster.


“I dedicate myself to rapidly guiding entrepreneurs to purpose clarity”

As a publicist, turned Executive and Entrepreneurial leadership coach. I AM PROBABLY THE #1 MULTI-PASSIONATE ENTREPRENEUR. 1001 IDEAS I EVEN HAVE A BOOK FULL OF 500 MORE.

Looking for Multi-passionate? I was it

I have explored a lot of passions. I do passions, not just hobbies. Things that set my heart on fire.  Graphics design, event planning, cooking, business strategy, writing, you name it. I’m one of those Virgo’s, perfectionist types you know. In my mind I hang out with fellow virgos: Beyoncé, Jada Pinkett Smith, Iyanla Vanzant, Keke Palmer, Jennifer Hudson e.t.c.

and then...Adrenal Fatigue tried to take me out

And then one day, I ended up in the hospital from Adrenal Fatigue. My body was like “that’s it, I am tired of you abusing me.”

I was terrified, fearful and downright overwhelmed. And then it slowly hit me. I’ve known my purpose since I was 11. It was simple. Too simple.

What was my purpose?

To excite, guide and cheer future leaders into acknowledging, embracing and then stepping FULLY into their purpose. “Yetunde I gave you all this energy so you can get my people to step fully into what I have called them to do. All this energy you have was never for you. It’s for them, now use it.” I heard the message loud and clear and everything I have been doing since I was 11 made sense.

I struggled for years without direction myself; before finally discovering my intrinsic value and motivations. Life changed after that time in the hospital. Once I decided to step FULLY into my purpose it was next level success from there. I reveled in my creativity. My business grew to multiple six figures in a time when the economy was experiencing a depression. My cookbook became an Amazon best-seller for over 100 weeks. One of my mentors ensured I got my own cooking show on REDTV. We shot 10 -episodes. I even did a food demo event with Williams Sonoma and Macy’s. I met my now husband. I got married to a man designed by the creator specifically for me. Now I dedicate myself to rapidly guiding other entrepreneurs to their purpose clarity.

My Radical Clarity Session provides the straightforward 120 minute experience for you to excavate your purpose so you can move forward with motivation and direction.

You get my full attention, and in our time together access to my 20+ years of my PR/Purposeful Branding experience, application of my expertise as a Certified Master Practitioner in Neuroliguistic Programming (NLP), Brain-centric Design and my committed support as your Purpose Coach in the time we have together.

Rediscover Your Purpose with the Radical Clarity® Session

Your Path to Confidence, Clarity, and Impact Starts Here.


Two smiling women wearing glasses surrounded by various marketing and personal development materials, including books, digital devices, and plants.

The Radical Clarity® Session takes you through a series of interactive exercises, thought experiments and visualization prompts backed by neuroscience and psychology to unlock your purpose.

Leave with clarity on your purpose, ideal audience, offers and messaging to build an impact-driven business..

By the end of this session, we’ll be able to…

identify your core motivations, talents, and experiences to pinpoint how you are uniquely positioned to serve others. We crystallize who you can impact the most and why.

In just 120 focused minutes, my proven methodology activates the parts of your brain responsible for “purpose epiphanies”, leading to alignment.

Leave with clarity on your purpose, ideal audience, offers and messaging to build an impact-driven business..

Pinpointed Purpose

Crystallize your core motivations, passions and Discover a crystal-clear purpose that guides every decision you make in your business and life

Laser Audience Focus

Identify and define exactly who you can serve at the highest level based on your purpose, with precision, so you connect with those who resonate most with your mission

Offer Clarity

Discover the programs, services and tools your audience needs from you. Offers that excite you and thrills your ideal clients

Refined Messaging

Clarify your messaging and brand position. You get to craft compelling messages that captivate your audience and communicate your purpose authentically

A collection of digital magazine covers displayed on a tablet and a smartphone, with themes focusing on lifestyle, balance, and finance.

Palpable Motivation

Regain the excitement and direction to power your purpose-driven business. Gain the momentum needed to move forward with purpose, leaving procrastination behind

Magnetic Attraction Unleashed

Unlock the secret to emotionally attract your ideal clients effortlessly, forging powerful connections that drive your business & brand success

Impactful Transformation

Serve your audience with authenticity and watch your business thrive through meaningful impact. Reach more people with focus

Long-Term Direction

Establish a long-term vision for your business that keeps you motivated and focused and you’ll stop wasting time on misaligned activities by focusing your purpose.

Staying stuck without purpose is costly – you fail to build momentum, leave income on the table, and miss your potential.

My Radical Clarity Session gets you unstuck quickly, so you avoid wasting more time without direction.


Voices of Success: What Our Clients Are Saying

Discover the transformative experiences of our incredible clients. Their stories illuminate the profound impact of our work around purposeful personal branding and paint a vivid picture of the journey we’ll embark on together. Dive into their testimonials and see for yourself the potential waiting for you.

Expanding Possibilities

Having a personal brand that is focused on what your life’s purpose is, opens up possibilities for you.

Empowering People

What you’ve been called to do can only be done by you. It is designed to empower your ideal customers.

Creating Security

Creating the financial security you need to thrive in your purpose is transformative and gives you peace of mind.

Impacting Lives

Your purpose is designed to transform the lives of those only you can. Imagine the ripple effect of one transformation.

Expanding Possibilities

Having a personal brand that is focused on what your life’s purpose is, opens up possibilities for you.

Empowering People

What you’ve been called to do can only be done by you. It is designed to empower your ideal customers.

Creating Security

Creating the financial security you need to thrive in your purpose is transformative and gives you peace of mind.

Impacting Lives

Your purpose is designed to transform the lives of those only you can. Imagine the ripple effect of one transformation.

Don’t wait any longer without purpose. Make a decision that can transform your life. Reserve your Radical Clarity Session now and rapidly discover your motivations to make an impact and thrive financially.

Experience the confidence that comes from purpose clarity – it’s just one breakthrough away.s !

Learn to emotionally attract your ideal clients by aligning your brand with your purpose.

The purpose breakthrough you’ve been waiting for is just one Radical Clarity Session away. Let’s find your direction!

How does it work?

I’ve learned over 20 years of this purpose journey that “the purpose” is usually simple. The work and dedication is in your mastery of your purpose.


Schedule Your Session

Book your Radical Clarity Session at a convenient time. We’ll send you pre-session prompts to ensure you get the most from your experience.


A black woman with colorful hair and glowing lights in her hair.

Dive Into Discovery

Join our focused 120-minute session, where we delve deep into your motivations, talents, and unique positioning using proven neuroscience and psychology techniques


Afro haired young woman holding a blank card.

Define Your Purpose

Discover your true purpose and gain insights on emotionally connecting with your ideal clients. Leave with a clear vision of your path forward.


A smiling black woman sitting in front of a computer.

Ignite Your Business

With newfound purpose, messaging, and audience insights, you’ll be empowered to transform your business, impact lives, and achieve the success you desire.

A woman with a curly afro smiles in front of an orange wall.

The session is just mind-blowing. She has a gift of bringing it all together

The cost of the session should be higher. I don’t know if Yetunde realizes how much of an impact she does have on people’s lives with this program. The session is just mind-blowing. She has a gift of bringing it all together. I was moved, felt elevated and empowered.


Founder, Owner, Inspired Cactus Willemstad, Curaçao


FOR  $2,000

Your benefits after signing up to the World-Class Radical Clarity® Session


Unlock profound clarity about your purpose and ideal audience, putting you on a clear path to success.


Gain the confidence to share your unique message and services with the world, attracting your ideal clients effortlessly.


Discover how your purpose aligns perfectly with your business, creating an impactful and profitable venture


Jumpstart your journey toward a thriving and purpose-driven business, leaving behind uncertainty and hesitation

Book Your Session Today and get the Money Magnet Script BONUS

The email I have used for the past 16 years to build a multiple 6-figure business, without spending a dime on marketing.

A bonus designed to bring in new clients who almost immediately like and trust you.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At ICY COACHING & CONSULTING, we’re deeply committed to helping you uncover your true purpose and achieve the clarity you’ve been seeking. We understand that making the decision to invest in your personal and professional growth is significant. That’s why we offer a satisfaction guarantee that sets your mind at ease. We’re confident that the Radical Clarity Session will provide you with profound insights and a renewed sense of direction. But if, for any reason, you complete the session and don’t feel completely satisfied with your experience, we’ve got you covered.

Our commitment doesn’t end with your session; it’s just the beginning. If you feel that you haven’t gained the clarity you expected, we’ll work closely with you to address your concerns. Whether it means revisiting certain aspects of the session, providing additional resources, or even scheduling a follow-up consultation, we’re here to ensure your journey to purpose clarity is a success.

Your satisfaction is paramount to us, and we’re dedicated to helping you unlock the purpose-driven life and business you deserve. We’re in this together, and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure you’re not just satisfied but truly thrilled with your Radical Clarity Session.

Frequently asked questions

01.What exactly is the Radical Clarity Session?

The Radical Clarity Session is a dynamic 120-minute experience designed to help you unearth your purpose, direction, and ideal audience as an entrepreneur. It’s a personalized journey that unlocks the core/intrinsic motivations driving your business, empowering you with a clear path forward..

02. How is this session different from journaling or self-reflection I could do on my own?

The Radical Clarity Session is far beyond general journaling exercises. It incorporates proven methodology backed by neuroscience and psychology research to rapidly unlock your purpose. Through curated prompts and thought experiments, I guide you to tap into the core drivers in your subconscious and make new connections leading to your “purpose eureka” moment. This intensive breakthrough experience would take years to achieve alone.

03. What results can I realistically expect from just a 120 minute session?

In just120 focused minutes, you can expect to walk away with clarity on your core purpose, ideal audience, tailored offers, and messaging – the foundation pieces to propel purpose-driven business growth. Past clients have achieved incredible focus in just one session that took years of trial and error beforehand.

04. How will I know if I've found my "real" purpose vs. just sounds good?

An effective purpose discovery aligns with your innate motivations and talents. The exercises we go through help identify what energizes you at the core, so your purpose feels genuinely aligned to who you are. It’s usually simple and comes easy to you. When you land on the right articulation of your purpose, you’ll feel the certainty in your bones – it resonates as undeniably right and makes you come alive.

05. How is this different from other coaching or consulting I've tried?

Many coaches provide helpful business strategy guidance. This session goes deeper into first unlocking your core motivations, intrinsic values and strengths needed to build strategic impact. I don’t prescribe universal tips or formulas. Instead, my methodology is all about excavating your unique purpose to then build outward. No overly complicated frameworks that don’t resonate.

06. Is this session suitable for beginners or established entrepreneurs?

The Radical Clarity Session is perfect for both beginners seeking direction and established entrepreneurs looking to realign their businesses. No matter where you are in your journey, gaining purpose clarity is pivotal to achieving your goals.

07. What if I'm not satisfied with the session?

Your satisfaction is our priority. If, after the session, you don’t feel that you’ve gained valuable insights into your purpose and direction, we’ll work with you until you’re thrilled with the results. Your investment is protected by our Satisfaction Guarantee.

08. Is now really the right time for me to do this?

There’s no better time than today to gain the clarity that will allow you to unlock your potential and make an impact! The cost of staying stuck in confusion is wasted time, money and missed opportunities. I don’t want you to miss out any longer without purpose-driven direction. Let’s do this!

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