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A Unique Personal Branding Program

Purpose power bootcamp bundle.


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If you’re done feeling stressed and overwhelmed every time you try to activate your next best steps and you’re ready to end the multi-passion, distractions, and imposter syndrome stopping you from impact & income…
Then it’s time to get radically clear.

Without being radically clear on what your purpose is, nothing you work on can operate effectively…

…and you’ll get sporadic clients who won’t pay you enough. Let alone, you being able to attract, engage and convert them effortlessly and have consistent, dependable income. Without radical clarity, you’ll still be stressed, overwhelmed and you’ll probably keep procrastinating on those big dreams of yours.

To Get Radical Clarity and Connect Your Purpose to Profits for Impact…



You’ve had success in the past and you’re in a new stage but you feel stuck— You’re full of ideas and knowledge, You’re intelligent and everyone knows this, but you find it hard to commit or focus on one big idea at a time, and you can be indecisive period. Or you’re terrified of your next level because you don’t know how the world would receive you.


You have an innate desire to lead with your expertise. You want to impact people through content that would be motivational and inspiring for them to “go get theirs.” but the who & the what of your purpose/message needs more clarity.


The call with the prospect went well. You felt good about it.That presentation was rocking. But then you’re not sure if you closed the sale. You wait for the follow up….crickets. They never buy and you’re disappointed, and now imposter syndrome kicks making you feel like “maybe you really don’t know your stuff”.


A woman wearing a white shirt and black leggings is posing for the camera.
A woman wearing a white shirt and black leggings is posing for the camera.

Say Goodbye To Multi-passion overwhelm, next level commitment fears and lack of brand clarity

Goodbye Imposter Syndrome.
Hello Confidence,
I Know My Stuff.

Hello Actionable Guide,
Accountability Peers.

Hello Succinct and Clear
Brand Statement.

Goodbye Sleazy Sales Woman,
Hello Premium Closer

Purpose & brand ding coach.
A woman in a black shirt.

Hi, I'm Yetunde...

...and I believe radical clarity on your purpose positions you as a loved, paid, and respected thought leader.

Consider me your Purpose Coach and Cheerleader (I have the pom poms to cheer you on).

I’m purposefully here to support you so that you can finally experience radical clarity on your purpose, activate the confidence within to show up authentically and joyfully and never again have to be stressed, bitter, frustrated or disappointed about how you show up for impact and for earning confident profits.

This is the time you’ve been waiting for. We are ready for you.

It’s time to get radically clear and step FULLY into your PURPOSE.

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Purpose power bootcamp.
The letter w in red on a black background.

A unique 7-weeks personal branding program for Female Executive Leaders & Entrepreneurs, to help you get radical clarity on your purpose and use it to attract, engage & convert your soul connection clients, for impact, building your community & being a respected and well-paid Thought Leader in your industry.

The Purpose P.O.W.E.R BOOTCAMP uses NLP techniques, and Neuro-science based learning to ensure you retain 80-100% of what you learn, so you can take confident action on your next best steps.

Perfect for you if you're a woman entrepreneur, C-suite Executive or Emerging Entrepreneur

Play Video about Eva toby bestselling author media personality presenter.

Eva Toby



A woman in a yellow dress and white jacket.

We partnered with Eva to achieve radical clarity on her personal brand power and message, zone in on her niche audience (teenagers ages 13-18). Plan, manage and execute on her professional brand shoot, develop her professional biography, website content and brand visual, media kits and assets. We developed, designed and launched an Amazon bestselling book and it’s accompanying workbook. Decided on specific income generating outlets to secure revenue. We secured 7 national and international media spot to amplify her brand. Secured a partnership with West Africa’s top fashion publication and developed her success formula, which included booking paid speaking opportunities in Michigan and raising funds to support her cause.


...Attracting Opportunities

A life of Leisure...

...Become a Time Master

At the end of your Purpose P.O.W.E.R Bootcamp, you’ll...

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Have a customized blueprint for your purpose with results of your impact you can track, and know precisely who you serve, how to emotionally attract, engage and convert them.

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Effectively launch a visually engaging, quality focused and impact driven profitable brand.

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Know exactly how to engage the media with your story and your message and you’ll understand yourself in ways that only help to activate your next level of joy confidence, freedom and security.

By taking this bootcamp, your purpose message, how you can impact others, and your income potential will be clearer, the media and those you’re specifically created to serve.

Play Video about Purpose power bootcamp - live purpose impact live profits.


Week One


Meet and connect with purpose-centered women just like you. Live DJ on set to welcome you into the program. We’ll explore your personal challenges and success triggers without judgment to activate your joy.

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We explore your mindset mastery required to remove limiting beliefs that are in the way of your next level of success so you actually visualize the possibilities.

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We access the power of your intuition and how to use it in life and business. You'll understand how to master your mind so you connect to yourself and with those you’ll be supporting.

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We go over your subconscious success triggers and how to access them in your alpha state for easy manifestation anytime and anywhere.

Week Two


You’ll experience the Purpose Breakthrough Session to understand Why are you here. Who are you meant to serve with your why? What do you need to know about them so you can be the best and obvious solution to their struggle, pains and challenges.

A laptop, tablet, and phone with the word clarity on it.
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Identify where your purpose comes from and get clear on it. 120 minutes of powerful yet simple, purpose clarity development to get to the root of your purpose.

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Understand clearly, the psychology of your ideal soul clients and how to connect, attract, engage and convert them even with no marketing experience.

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Scrap the standard elevator pitch and develop a purpose brand statement that represents your core values, how your transform lives and why you do it.

Week Three


Next we’ll dig deep and create all your core outstanding content. How do you sound? what do you look like? how can you make people feel, so that they know you’re the obvious choice. Words, emotions and visuals are the core essence of this week.

A laptop, a tablet, and a phone displaying the two method content website.
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Get clear on the all the specific content you need to develop for your brand success, as you position yourself as a Thought Leader. Content that is creative, authentic and highly-engaging.

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With my Brand M.E.S.S.A.G.E. formula you can rapidly identify your core brand message, your industry breakout story, what topics to pitch to the media and finally, develop your 7-minutes Hero's Journey story, fit for a tear-jerking, standing ovation.

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Learn how to easily create powerful, Thought leadership quality, social media content, so you can mesmerize your soul customers consistently.

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Create compelling, jaw-dropping copy that converts without being a professional writer.

Week Four


We’ll explore how you want to build wealth through your purpose. Which way do you want to tap into abundance? abundance in experiences, your bank account, mind, health, friendships, possibilities and opportunities.

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Learn how to activate your abundance mindset required to keep you out of debt and into profit making.

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You're going to have a working price list for services and products that you'll be offering your platinum ideal client moving forward.

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Develop an aligned profit plan that helps you understand your numbers with confidence and how to use them to grow your business and secure your financial freedom.

Week Five


Step fully into the confidence you now have for the love of your purpose and we’ll explore how to make some noise about all of it. We’ll focus here on having an excellent launch. How and when do you want to let the world know how you can support its transcendence? TV, magazines, radio, podcasts you get to decide.

A laptop, a tablet, and a phone with the word launch on it.
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No more anxiety about what the gurus told you on how to launch. Discover how to launch intuitively with a launch plan that is exciting, gives you confidence and is ideal for you and gets the results you seek.

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Create in record time an effective 30-day social media plan to keep attracting prospects, sponsors and collaborations.

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Draft your first media pitch that gets the response you desire in record time. Then create a flood of new leads and prospects without stressing about PR monthly retainer fees.

Week Six


And finally, we’ll end with an easy to activate Reflect, Review, Rinse and Repeat strategy that will work with anything you decide to put into the world.

A laptop, tablet, and computer with the words week 6 review.
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Be confident in what metrics to track that excite you and supports your success moving forward.

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Get access to tools that make analysis easy to understand and utilize for ease and comfort.

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Discover your success formula without idea overwhelm & the anxiety around every launch.

Week Seven


Celebrate in style with yours peers, the ICY team and our supporters.

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Create life-long connections with women who get it and who want to see you thrive. Be part of your new network of incredible women like you.

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Live DJ playing Old School R & B, New Jack Swing and Afrobeats.

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Walk away with a certificate of completion that proves you're now radically clear and confident about how you will be showing up in the world.

A woman in white pants and a colorful shawl poses for a photo.


I’ve worked with Yetunde for years and I keep coming back because her process is seamless, intuitive and gets me the results I desire. Going through her program has me charging more because once you elevate to your next level, you understand your value. I look worthy of what I offer and so I can confidently ask for what the value of my offers are. This program is an easy no brainer. It’s changed the way I show up online, in my work and in my industry. I had to do it.

- Nzingah Oniwosan

Multi-disciplinary artist | Yoga Coach | Tech Entrepreneur

A black and white logo with the words 'limited time bonus offers'.
A black and white logo with the words 'limited time bonus offers'.
A book with the title personal branding.


In this 230+ page organizer, you’ll learn to create a customized Personal Brand Plan and understand the core principles you need to create and launch your brand and attract paying clients, that you and your purpose and expertise are ideally suited for.

(VALUE: $299)

A laptop with the twiq method on it.


An exclusive training where you learn the process of effortless content creation to keep your ideal clients highly-engaged and emotionally connected to you. Easily create content that positions you as a loved, respected and paid industry leader in record time.

(VALUE: $299)

A laptop with the words '5 bonus offers'on it.


Get the core “done for you” scripts you need to immediately activate your Thought leadership position and authority:- Signature Thought Leadership Framework Script, Industry Expert Introduction Video Script, Full-detailed Soul Customer Profile Script, Done For You Full Masterclass Slide Deck.

(VALUE: $6,500)

A laptop with magazines and a microphone on it.


Get 3 media features from 3 global magazines focused on women professionals & entrepreneurs. Get exposed to over 300,000 people across the globe. Be in front of your ideal audience and secure high quality leads with a full personal brand feature on you.

(VALUE: $5,000)

Text that says success stories

Watch the success stories of these powerful Entrepreneurs who got radically clear about their purpose for impact and income.

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“...She really gets it.”

Play Video about Stephanie linus - director, producer, actor, philanthropist.


“I am so confident”

Play Video about Geralda larkins - victorious strategy minister, speaker, and teacher.


A black and white image of the word stories success.

“ me more joy”

Play Video about Mukana solange - founder, lpl international social entrepreneur.


“...proud of my brand”

Play Video about Donna joseph founder foundation led donate vegan skin care.


Two Bestselling Authors, One multi-millionaire and one multiple award winning director/producer

A black and white image of the word 'your investment'.
A black and white image of the word'your investment'.
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One-Time Payment


Level III

One-Time Payment


Level II

One-Time Payment


Level I

A woman in a white blazer and red skirt posing in front of an orange wall.


The cost of the Purpose Breakthrough Session alone should be higher. I don’t know if Yetunde realizes how much of an impact she does have on people’s lives with this program. The session is just mind-blowing. She has a gift of bringing it all together. I was moved, felt elevated and empowered.

- Julideska Bleeker

Founder, Owner, Inspired Cactus Willemstad, Curaçao


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A smiling african woman sitting at a desk with a laptop.
A woman in a yellow and black cheerleader outfit holding pom poms.

I legit have the pom-poms to cheer you on.

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Meet your Purpose-Coach & Cheerleader.

Hi, I'm Yetunde...

From Int’l Publicist to Executive/Leadership Coach for C-Suite & leading Entrepreneurs, I thrive in supporting my clients in getting radical clarity on their purpose and they use the power of their personal brand for more impact and confident profits. I am a 20+ years International Publicist, certified Master Practitioner in Neuro-linguistic programming and a Certified Brain-centric Instructional Designer. My eye for design (strategic & Visual), synthesizing information and developing creative, result-driven strategies supports me in being an excellent resource for my clients. As a 4-time Amazon bestselling author, including a cookbook with a cooking show that airs on REDTV in West Africa, I have helped 14 Entrepreneurs become bestselling authors and built successful personal brands around their books.

I say all this to let you know that you are in experienced and successful hands.

My clients have been seen by over 40-million people across the globe, with over 40 cover stories secured, including features in Entrepreneur magazine, CBS TV, Good morning America, Elle magazine, Bella Naija, Afroelle, Fashion Magazine Canada, Tropics magazine, Essence, Ebony magazine, Inside Weddings, She Leads Africa and more. I have secured over 1,500 media features for solo-preneurs, Grammy, Tony and MTV award winning artists.

I believe our world would be a better place if everyone stepped fully into their purpose. I’m here to do my part to make sure so many of us do Live Through Purpose®

A black woman smiling with a necklace.


My thoughts are more confident and I feel motivated as a result of the session. It is so easy to get sidetracked and confused in this clutter of trying to identify your purpose or next steps. The session helps clarifying things in an easy yet impactful way…Through this exercise I’ve also been able to back track and identify why I enjoy certain things or dislike other things.

- Edwina Kulego

Vice President International Business Development for Informa Fashion

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Purpose power bootcamp logo.
Purpose power bootcamp.
A red star with the words best deal on it.

One-Time Payment


Level III

One-Time Payment


Level II

One-Time Payment


Level I

Got a Burning Question?

If you are a woman entrepreneur, c-suite executive, or emerging entrepreneur, THEN the PURPOSE P.O.W.E.R BOOTCAMP, a unique personal branding program, is for you.

If you want to start moving past the distractions of having many passions that never fully realize themselves, get clarity on what your purpose is, and learn how to attract your ideal clients intuitively and be attractive to them, so they can pay you ANY PRICE you ask for, then the Purpose P.O.W.E.R Bootcamp is for you.

The Purpose P.O.W.E.R Bootcamp has 2 set ups:

A done with you pre-recorded program with live virtual follow up classes with no more than 20 people at a time. This live engagement sessions will take place live weekly, with me and your fellow purpose-preneurs via ZOOM or FB group.

A live in person one-on one. If you’re in Miami or if I happen to be in your city and you’d like a for us to handle your full Personal Brand, where we do it for you, We will meet in person and have your sessions in person.

You can choose the option that best suits your needs, understanding all components of each option.

Pricing varies for each choice.

Absolutely, I have had women and men from across the globe take segments of the program, and trainings via skype of zoom. And manyhave taken the full program from across the globe. From The Caribbean, to Africa, Canada and Europe. The process includes weekly active visual (virtual or in person) engagements with you.

No, you do not. If you do not have a personal brand, this process is a great first step to creating and launching a brand that is in alignment with your purpose. If you already have a brand and want to explore re-branding, the Purpose P.O.W.E.R Bootcamp will hand you the exact blueprint and next steps to make your re-brand a success.

Indeed you will have access to the replays. Once we begin our sessions, I press the record button and upon completion of the Group review for the week, I send you the link after to watch for your support. It’s a great reference tool when you feel overwhelmed and want to remind yourself of your commitment to your discovered purpose.

I believe in the power of doing things in the time you allotted to get them done. All students get access to this program for 365 days only. It is vital that you take inspired action so that you can get to the results you say you desire.

I believe in human connections. It would be my pleasure to connect with you and answer any questions you may have about the Purpose P.O.W.E.R Bootcamp. You’re welcome to email me at, or call my office at 305.549.3676 with your questions prepared so that we maximize our time together on the phone. This is a land line, so text messages will not be received.

Refunds are only valid for someone who signs up before the cart closes and cancels within 24 hours.

Due to the time and intensity of these program sessions, I do not offer refunds after 24 hours of signing up for the Purpose P.O.W.E.R Bootcamp. I advice you not to enroll in the Purpose P.O.W.E.R Bootcamp if you “just want to see what it’s about”. The live process takes an incredible amount of effort, thoughts and process and I expect you to come fully prepared to do the work required for your success. If you decide to select the split payment option, you will have no longer than 30 days to make the second payment, then you will have continued access to the trainings. The Purpose P.O.W.E.R Bootcamp is designed for serious women entrepreneurs and c-suite executives only, and I am firm on my refund policy.