Hey Purposeful Leader. Meet Yetunde.

Meet Yetunde Shorters, a meticulous creative who cherishes the beauty of details. Born in Chicago, raised in the busy city of Lagos, Nigeria, and now living in sunny Florida. She proudly embraces her Yoruba heritage, a source of inspiration and strength.

As a devoted wife and loving mother of twin daughters, Yetunde was raised in a small town in Lagos, Nigeria, attending boarding school where she learned core life stills in communication and emotional intelligence, then embarking on a journey that led her to Chicago at the age of 15. Her determination and drive saw her graduate from college at an impressive age of 20.

An award-winning publicist and NLP Master certified practitioner, Yetunde is the visionary owner of ICY COACHING and CONSULTING. Through her transformative work, she propels women entrepreneurs to take purposeful action, leading with emotional wisdom and embracing their authentic voices to create a meaningful impact in the world.

At ICY COACHING, the mission is clear—to help more women experience radical clarity on their purpose, empowering them to have a greater impact, build thriving communities, and earn with unwavering confidence. Trust, freedom, and authenticity are the pillars that form deep connections with the clients she collaborates with.

Yetunde’s impressive portfolio includes guiding 14 entrepreneurs to become best-selling authors, a testament to her unwavering commitment to empowering others. As the creator of Afropolitan Chef and BlackButtonStock.com, she has carved out a space in the entrepreneurial landscape, providing a premier stock photography site featuring the African Diaspora.

Always one to innovate, Yetunde is now on the cusp of launching ICY FLIX—a groundbreaking platform that fuses brain-centric design and neurolinguistic programming to offer millions of entrepreneurs an unparalleled experience of purposeful learning.

Join Yetunde on her mission to Strengthen entrepreneurs with radical clarity and lead with purpose. With her guidance, you’ll embark on a transformative journey, embracing your authentic self, and making an indelible mark on the world.

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Our Featured Work

Our portfolio is more than just a collection of work – it’s a reflection of our passion for excellence. From captivating branding journeys to seamless web experiences, every piece showcases the heart and soul we pour into each clients success.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next venture or simply curious about the impact we create visually, our portfolio offers a glimpse into the diverse brands we’ve worked with .

Purposeful branding for Leading Women Entrepreneurs with authenticity & love

We specialize in crafting refined visual narratives. Our muse are our clients purpose – emotions, values and the love they have for those they serve. Our work attempts to embody our clients life’s essence, with the intent to secure radical clarity, elevate their impact and increase their capacity to grow and earn more. Our purpose is to elevate their purpose journey through our expertise and creativity, adding a touch of sophistication to their narrative.

Creative Brand Strategy

Our creative brand strategy at ICY Coaching and Consulting seamlessly merges your purpose-driven visions with strategic innovation. We curate unique pathways that fuse authenticity and impact, crafting brands that resonate across platforms. With meticulous attention to detail, we design experiences that elevate your brand’s presence, ensuring it stands as a beacon of purpose, excellence, and inspiration

Brand Visual Design

Our Brand Visual Strategy is a meticulously crafted fusion of elegance using the power of colors to evoke emotions in your clients. We curate a visual narrative that speaks volumes about your brand’s essence, values, goals and aspirations. Our designs resonate with you, your audience and the media, leaving an remarkable impression that effortlessly communicates your unique identity.

Growth & Publicity Plan

Our Growth and PR Plan is a strategic roadmap tailored to amplify your brand’s reach and influence. We combine data-driven insights with innovative PR tactics to secure media coverage, explore and guide profit increase plans and partnerships that align with your goals. With a focus on expanding your brand’s presence and building meaningful connections, our plan ensures your continuous growth and recognition in your industry.

A few things we enjoy

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Trend Hunting

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Creative Workshops

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Foodie Exploration

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Collaborative Projects

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Photo Collecting


Our Story


Adama - adama - adama - adama - adama -.

2007: We Had a Desire to Support Creative Entrepreneurs

On July 7th 2007: 7.7.7 ICY Public Relations was launched. Our goal: to help small business owners and brands secure global publicity and get their clear and engaging message out into the world. Secured our first client cover for Adama in October 2007.

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2010: Secured over 45 media features

We secured a roster of 7 clients and consistently secured media locally, nationally and internationally. We were nominated for awards as a Boutique PR agency to watch out for. Secure covers in Mini Magazine, Exquisite, Allure (vanaguard), clients nominated for Music Awards etc.

Bracelets for haiti.

2011: Secured Our First Celebrity Client Partnership

In 2011. We secured our first celebrity partnership with our client then, Pascale Rowe and project medishare. We secured and managed participation of our clients in New York Fashion week events and Miami Fashion Week event.s

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2012-2013: Taking the lead in International PR

We secured and helped develop the team to produce 3 music videos for MTV award winning artist DavidO and his team. We were the official PR company for Style Week Miami. We secured 2 female artists and secured the global premier of their videos on MTV and BET. Hosted 4 fashion show clients

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2015-2017: Our Business Model Evolved Considerably

We launched the coaching segment of our business, celebrated 10, years in business launched our first online course. partnered with celebrity brand F&W Style to launch a fashion brand course for fashion students and fashion Entrepreneurs.

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2018-2023: Became a Coaching & Consulting Firm

We evolved to a Coaching consultancy firm with a focus on helping leading women and a few men launch purposeful, impactful and profitable brands. Brand that know their value,

2024 & BEYOND

We are stepping into the EduTech Space, creating a platform that offers a cutting-edge online learning expereince that integrates Neuro-linguistic programming and brain-centric design to provide an engaging, intuitive experience. Our courses are designed to accelerate learning and help our users reach their goals faster, giving them the confidence and knowledge they need to be successful in whatever they set out to achieve. Launching in 2024.