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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What services do you offer, and how can they benefit me?

We offer personalized coaching and consulting services designed to help you build a purposeful personal brand. Our services are tailored to your unique goals, providing you with the guidance, strategies, and support needed to stand out and achieve success in your chosen field.

What sets ICY CONSULTING apart from other coaching and consulting firms?

What makes us stand out is our dedicated team of experts who bring years of experience in personal branding. We take a holistic approach, combining strategy, creativity, and a deep understanding of your intrinsic goals to create a brand that authentically represents you and your vision. A brand that is impactful and profitable.

How does the coaching process work, and what can I expect during our sessions?

Our coaching process begins with a comprehensive assessment of your current brand and goals. Sessions are tailored to your needs, and you can expect a mix of strategy development, skill-building, and actionable steps to elevate your personal brand. We offer flexible virtual sessions to accommodate your schedule.

What qualifications and experience do your coaches and consultants have?

Our coaches and consultants are seasoned professionals with a track record of helping clients succeed. They hold relevant certifications and bring extensive experience in personal branding, marketing, and communication. We’re proud of our team’s ability to drive tangible results for our clients.

Can you provide examples of clients who have achieved success through your coaching and consulting services?

Certainly! We have numerous success stories from clients who have transformed their personal brands and achieved remarkable career milestones. Do check our portfolio and testimonials page to learn more about our work and success rate.

What is the cost of your coaching and consulting services, and do you offer any payment plans?

Our pricing is competitive, and we offer various coaching packages to suit your needs. We also provide flexible payment plans to make our services accessible. Our focus is on delivering exceptional value and results that exceed your investment.