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Purpose Clarity

Discover how Radical Purpose Clarity can help you or your business achieve meaningful success and fulfillment by aligning your daily actions with your core values and beliefs for impact and confident profits.


Personal Branding

Unleash your leadership potential and distinguish yourself in a crowded marketplace with our Purposeful Personal Branding process which teaches you how to effectively communicate your unique value proposition and establish your expert status.


High Performance

With our customized high performance blueprint, you get to leverage your unique strengths, build resilience when you need it, and cultivate a growth mindset to excel in your life: love, family business or career.

What’s your Purpose Influencer Status?

Take this quick 60 seconds quiz to get a snap shot vision of your earning potential based on your life’s purpose.  You’ll receive the unique insight you need to get radical clarity on your purpose for impact and income.

The Radical® Clarity Process

Go from stressed & overwhelmed to radical purpose clarity in a single session! The Easy Way for Women Entrepreneurs to
Identify Their Purpose • Attract their ideal Clients, and Earn Profits Confidently!


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Hello Leader,  Meet Yetunde Shorters, Executive & Purposeful Branding Business Coach

At the age of 11, she experienced her purpose for the first time and felt a sense of exhilaration, fulfillment, and energy. This led to a deeper understanding of the power of purpose and its ability to transform the world. In 2009, one of the best things to ever happen to Yetunde was a hospital visit due to adrenal fatigue. This catalyzed her urgency to fully embracing her purpose. Her journey of self-actualization taught her about overcoming mindset obstacles and developing key skills, such as understanding subconscious programming, inspiring action in others, self-discipline, and confidence. This led to a transition from being a full-time international publicist to a full-time NLP Master Practitioner for Women Entrepreneurs. She uses her expertise to bring clarity, confidence, and authenticity to entrepreneurs, earning recognition as the go-to expert on purposeful branding and being sought after by thought leaders and Fortune 50 executives globally.

Client Love Notes

“She really gets your branding and people can actually see that there is a difference “

Award Winning Director, Producer and Philanthropist


“…now I know who I am. I know what my purpose is and I am so confident…”

Visionary Strategist, Author, Speaker


Featured Case Studies

Are you ready to ?

Create a purposeful personal brand that’s impactful and profitable? If so, look no further. Take your brand from ordinary to extraordinary with our tailored service. Our team of experts will help you build an authentic and powerful personal brand intrinsically connected to your purpose. Together, we make sure your brand stands out in an increasingly crowded space and delivers maximum value both financially and personally.

Get Radically Clear on Your Purpose

Unleash your next level now and achieve personal and professional success by getting radically clear on your purpose, vales and beliefs with our proven techniques

Build A Strong and Powerful Brand Identity

Establish your brand as a leader in your industry and create a clear, beautiful and engaging brand identity, based on your best self, that sets you apart and attracts your ideal clients with our comprehensive branding solutions

Activate your Customized High Performance Level

Elevate your personal and professional growth with Neuro-ligusitic programming-based coaching and training that maximizes your potential, activates your personalized high performance level, and helps you reach new heights without burnout.


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02. Purpose-Profit Secrets Masterclass

Learn the simple way to get clear on your intrinsic value, who it serves and how to connect with them emotionally.

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Secure your list of the top 20+ courses worth your investment after thorough research and application, these are our founders course recommendations that can move the growth on your personal brand and business progress.

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