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“Brand Evolution: Yetunde’s Clarity Catalyst Effect.”

“Since working with Yetunde, my sense of clarity has blossomed, and my ability to present myself and my brand has undergone an incredible transformation.”

– Niki Inmon


“From Uncertainty to Brand Confidence: My Transformation with Yetunde’s ICY Academy”

Before ICY Academy with Yetunde Shorters, I was lost in the branding wilderness, unsure how to resonate with my customers. Now, with two brands under my belt, both nonprofit and for-profit, I fully trust ICY Academy with every branding decision. The results speak for themselves: I proudly display my products everywhere, from YouTube stores to high-end boutiques. Compliments on my brand come in daily, and the confidence I feel in my brand is unparalleled. With ICY Academy, your business and brand will ascend to unprecedented heights.”

– Donata Joseph


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“…it just flows now in a way that I just wasn’t saying before the radical clarity process”

“Before the Radical Clarity process, I tried to capture everyone as my audience. The process gave me permission to own my focus: working with professional and entrepreneurial men. Now, I confidently say I help people in business and love. It flows naturally, resonates with people, and fills a gap I wasn’t addressing before. Thanks to Yetunde and the Radical Clarity process, I’m excited for what the future holds.”

– Dr. George James


“…A Catalyst for Wholesome Transformation and Unparalleled Growth”

“Yetunde is more than a coach; she’s a transformative force in both business and life. Her intuitive guidance and ‘radical clarity’ method have reshaped how I view my calling and enabled me to deeply connect with my ideal client. Because of Yetunde, I have not only mapped out a thriving business model but have also evolved in my personal roles as a mother, daughter, friend, and leader. In a sea of coaches, Yetunde stands alone, elevating her clients to heights they never imagined. Working with her is not just about business growth; it’s about holistic evolution.”

– Dr. Yolandra Hancock


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“Unique Touch for Personal and Professional Breakthroughs”

Yetunde gets genuinely excited about other people’s brilliance and value, then she masterfully synthesizes their purpose, their story and their offering to the world in such a clear and actionable way that her clients consistently realize personal and professional breakthroughs. It’s amazing.

I am not just Yetunde’s husband, I am one of those clients, and my organization, www.BMeCommunity.org, has benefited immensely from her, as have I.

– Trabian Shorters

CEO BMe Community

“…her ability to delve deep, going beyond the superficial, and synthesize my scattered thoughts into a coherent narrative”

“What stood out about Yetunde’s approach was her ability to delve deep, going beyond the superficial, and synthesize my scattered thoughts into a coherent narrative. It wasn’t just about following a preset module; it was a co-collaborative process that allowed for my input combined with Yetunde’s expertise. For anyone seeking either a starting point or a refinement in their journey, I wholeheartedly recommend these sessions. They serve as a beacon, ensuring that you not only find but also effectively communicate your purpose..”

– Dorianne St Fleur


A woman in a lab coat standing in a room.