Eva Toby

Beat out a famous celebrity as a bestselling author on Womens' book category

Background: Imagine possessing a commanding height of 6ft 2in, a brilliant mind, a captivating wit, and a keen sense of humor – introducing Eva Toby, a Nigerian-American luminary. A multifaceted personality encompassing modeling, TV presence, and entrepreneurial prowess, Eva is an esteemed alumna of the University of Michigan, effortlessly intertwining her passions with the thrill of speed in high-performance automobiles.

Target audience: Eva’s visionary ambition rests upon nurturing the aspirations of high-schoolers and young adults, illuminating their path to purpose and guiding them toward a transformative impact on their lives, communities, and the global stage. The challenge at hand? For Eva to get through the collective consciousness of her target demographic, connect her diverse and many passions within a singular narrative, and construct an immersive brand and experience that speaks for itself.

Brand positioning: Eva’s attraction and allurre lies in the fusion of her background in social work ad a masters in business administration with her intimate familiarity with the modeling realm. Her unique proposition hinges on the intrinsic connection between well-being and the profound influence of visual imagery, a major conduit for persuasion and empowerment.

Brand assets: To amplify Eva’s “purpose factor,” a bespoke brand image, a resonant tagline, an opulent website, and meticulously curated social media profiles were hand-crafted. Plus, a collaboration materialized to give life to her inaugural literary creation, destined for prominence as a preeminent Amazon bestseller even before its official launch. An incredible success achieved even with the debut of a notable celebrity’s offering within the same week. The partnership with Genevieve Magazine, epitomizing exclusivity, unveiled Eva’s captivating segment, “Street Style.” Deliberate color selection, blending the vivacity of yellow with the delicacy of pink, was orchestrated to evoke the very emotions that resonate deeply with Eva’s youthful audience. Our Collaboration with Eva included the creation of an all-encompassing visual language, social media aesthetics, speaker profiles, comprehensive media kits, and captivating book promotion graphics, launching Eva’s growth to international bestseller status.

Results: The results speak for themselves. We secured 25 distinct media opportunities for Eva, her voice and message reaching prestigious speaking engagements as she got invited to 5 unique speaking gigs, and her follower count? It rocketed from 2k to a jaw-dropping 10,000. Her social media reach? It blew up by a huge 80%. Oh, and did you hear? She pulled in over $900 in just 6 hours with her book to help junior college students. And that’s not all – she teamed up with the city’s mayor to lend a hand to the youth.

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