Background: Allow me to introduce you to Nzingah – a Haitian-American dynamo who navigates multiple roles in the holistic wellness realm. Through a radical lifestyle shift, she overcame a brain tumor, autoimmune disorder, and polycystic ovary syndrome. Empowered by experience, she imparts wisdom to uplift others. with her platform “Yes baby I like it Raw”. As a holistic health consultant, plant-based chef, 500-hour celebrity yoga guru, celebrated blogger, doula, and motivational speaker, Nzingah orchestrates her talents into a vibrant tapestry of transformation. She was looking for a way to streamline all her many passions in a way that feels holistic, authentic and radically clear.

Target audience: With a deep desire to transform the lives of women through plants and a wholeness of the mind through full expression, Nzingah’s target audience consists of diverse women, spanning ages 25 to 55, who seek a holistic approach to well-being. These women are eager to embrace healthier lifestyles and achieve balance between mind, body, and spirit. They are open to exploring plant-based nutrition, mindfulness practices, and yoga for overall wellness. These women often find themselves caught in the hustle of daily life, seeking respite from stress, fatigue, and the challenges that come with modern living.

Brand positioning: Nzingah occupies a unique brand position as a holistic wellness maven who seamlessly merges expertise in holistic health, plant-based cuisine, yoga, art and motivation. Her personal journey of triumph over health challenges resonates with authenticity and relatability, positioning her as an empowering expert. Nzingah’s ability to simplify complex wellness concepts and deliver tangible results sets her apart. She is the best inspiration for women seeking a holistic lifestyle, offering practical guidance and transformative experiences that bridge the gap between mind, body, and soul.

Brand assets: Nzingah’s brand assets encompass a dynamic array of elements that reflect her holistic approach to well-being and her unique personal journey. These assets include a vibrant logo that captures the essence of her message – a visual representation of growth and transformation. Her tagline, “Health, Wellness Art,” encapsulates her mission of guiding individuals to reach their fullest expressed potential through holistic practices. Her media kit features a compelling bio, high-quality images, and an impressive list of media appearances, highlighting her credibility and recognition. Additionally, Nzingah’s speaker one-pager emphasizes her expertise as a motivational speaker and holistic wellness advocate, making her a sought-after voice in conferences and events.
Nzingah’s carefully curated influencer sheet showcases collaborations with brands aligned with her values, further establishing her as a trustworthy authority in the wellness space.

Results: Nzingah’s journey and efforts have yielded remarkable results, inspiring positive change and touching lives on various fronts. Her brand new speaker pricing sheet increased her revenue by 500%. She booked 70% more paid opportunities and her branded images from our time together are some of the most liked and commented images on social media with over 23K impressions

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