Background: Let’s delve into the essence of our client – meet Ola Morin Muhammed, a creative force and one of the few Black Women in the Architectural world. Ola felt the tensions of a 9-5 and felt a burning desire to do something different yet creative that accessed her love for design. Welcome Ijorere, her Luxury Stationary Design brand for your grand celebrations. Ola’s journey embodies a fusion of culture, geography, and an innate talent for creating something truly extraordinary. Her story is about shattering boundaries, fueled by a limitless creative vision and a belief that possibilities fuel life. With every stroke of her creative genius she needed support to launch a brand that is know it it’s industry, position herself as a leader and be the go to source for extra-ordinary product and white—glove service.

Target audience: Ola’s target audience is a diverse tapestry of individuals who seek enchantment in every detail. These are couples and individuals who cherish the extraordinary, who are captivated by the notion of invitations and designs that transcend the ordinary. They value creativity, uniqueness, and personalized touches that weave narratives into every piece. Couples planning weddings, celebrations, and special occasions are drawn to Ola’s work. They are dreamers, seeking to translate their vision into tangible expressions of artistry. Corporate clients looking to make a statement through their events also resonate with Ola’s designs, as they seek to leave a lasting impression.

Brand positioning: Ola’s brand occupies a space of exquisite artistry and boundless imagination. She is more than a designer; she is a creator of memories and emotions. With her architectural background, Ola infuses her designs with a touch of precision and unconventional brilliance. Her creations are not just invitations; they are gateways to extraordinary experiences.
At the core of Ola’s brand positioning lies the belief that designs are not just visuals, but vehicles that transport emotions, stories, and dreams. Her work transcends the traditional, embracing architectural elegance while embracing artistic freedom. Ola’s brand is about celebrating the exceptional and leaving an everlasting mark through the art of design.

Brand assets: Her media kit showcases her journey, featuring accolades from prestigious media outlets that highlight her recognition and expertise. Her portfolio resonates with designs that are both visually stunning and emotionally evocative. We are the go-to resource to consult with Ola on ideas, strategies for growth and expansion including her leap-to-luxury offer what allows partnerships with other creative who want to license her design.

Results: Ola’s journey has yielded remarkable results, leaving an indelible mark on the world of designs and invitations. Her website witnesses a surge in traffic, with a 50% increase in visitors seeking her one-of-a-kind creations. Her social media presence has created a community of engaged followers, fostering connections with individuals who share her passion for artistry. Her news letter using the platform we recommend has double the open rate than the national average.
We have ensured Ola’s work has graced the pages of renowned media outlets, from NBC to Inside Weddings, Entrepreneur Magazine, She Leads Africa, Bella Naija and more, solidifying her position as a visionary in the industry. Her designs have left an enduring impact on the lives of couples, individuals, and corporate clients, becoming cherished pieces of memories.
Her collaborations with notable celebrities and brands have further elevated her brand, reinforcing her reputation as a creative force to be reckoned with. Ola’s results are not just numbers; they are tangible expressions of her artistic brilliance and her ability to create moments of enchantment that last a lifetime

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