Background: Dr. Yolandra Hancock hails from Louisiana and boasts an impressive academic journey that has shaped her into a distinguished figure in the realm of healthcare. Armed with degrees from the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) and the esteemed Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, her educational foundation is rooted in excellence. Her commitment to community health initiatives extends to her collaborations with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington. A recent milestone saw Dr. Hancock securing a multi-year grant from the National Institute of Health (NIH) for her groundbreaking work in Childhood Obesity Prevention and Care. This grant fuels the development of a revolutionary Digital Obesity Management Tool (OBT), empowering adolescent patients to track their progress and results in real time.

Target audience: Dr. Yolandra Hancock’s target audience encompasses a diverse spectrum of individuals and communities with a shared commitment to health and wellness. Parents, caregivers, and families seeking expert guidance on pediatric health, childhood obesity prevention, and overall well-being are drawn to her expertise. Medical professionals, educators, and public health advocates also constitute a significant segment of her audience, seeking insights into innovative approaches for improving community health.

Additionally, adolescents and young adults grappling with health challenges, especially obesity, find resonance in Dr. Hancock’s message of empowerment and transformation. Her target audience is united by a collective aspiration for holistic wellness, informed decision-making, and the adoption of healthier lifestyles for themselves and the generations to come.

Brand positioning: Dr. Yolandra Hancock’s brand stands as a beacon of expertise, compassion, and advocacy in the field of healthcare and wellness. Positioned as a visionary leader, she is dedicated to shaping the trajectory of childhood obesity prevention, pediatric health, and overall community well-being. Her brand reflects an unwavering commitment to driving positive change and providing accessible solutions in the realm of public health.

At the core of her brand positioning is empowerment through education. Dr. Hancock positions herself as a reliable source of knowledge and guidance, equipping individuals and communities with the tools they need to make informed health decisions. Her brand also emphasizes the importance of embracing holistic wellness, emphasizing that health encompasses physical, mental, and emotional well-being

Brand assets: To activate her purpose and how she attracts her ideal patients and client, we created for Dr. Hancock a blueprint for her ideal multi-million dollar process, we identified her media frameworks that secured her over 10 paid speaking engagements over a 3 month period. We also created her signature method to help her clients to better health in record time and we work with her on her book title, content and marketing plan. Our most impactful asset was training Dr. Yolandra on NLP techniques she uses to overcome limit-beliefs and mind-set shift to get her to the next level of success.

Results: A completed manuscript with 12 chapters of content to transform the way parents parent. Her application of our signature TWIQ method to facilitate content development as a thought leader in her industry.  Securing over $20,000 in outstanding inventory to increase business revenue and finally month support on her business to execute on her multi-million dollar process.

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