Background: Davido’s journey began with an unconventional approach to releasing singles, defying norms and leaving even established labels in awe. This daring strategy swiftly garnered a devoted following throughout Nigeria and beyond, positioning him as a rising star across the African music landscape. Despite his youth, Davido’s music resonated with a broad spectrum of listeners, bridging the gap between those who cherished the timeless melodies of Shina Peters and those drawn to the fresh nuances of Afrobeats.

His highly engaged social media presence has made him the most followed Afrobeats artist across various platforms. His discography boasts a staggering 2 billion global streams and 1 billion video views, underscored by a collection of over 30 international awards. Accolades include the MOBO Award for Best African Act, the MTV EMA for Best African Act and Best International Act, multiple MTV Africa Music Awards, and a BET Award for ‘Best African Act’ and ‘Best International Act’ (2018), among others.

Target Audience: Davido’s music resonates with a diverse and dynamic audience that spans across generations, cultures, and continents. His target audience includes music enthusiasts who are captivated by the infectious rhythms of Afrobeats, as well as those who appreciate his ability to bridge classic sounds with contemporary flair. Davido’s appeal extends to both younger listeners seeking innovative beats and melodies, as well as seasoned music aficionados drawn to the timeless influences present in his compositions.

Brand Positioning: Davido’s brand is an embodiment of the global phenomenon that Afrobeats has become. Positioned as a vanguard of the Afrobeats movement, he holds the title of ‘King of Afrobeats’ with a sense of pride and purpose. His music not only celebrates the essence of African culture but also transcends geographical boundaries, resonating with audiences worldwide.

over 1At the heart of his brand positioning is the fusion of tradition and innovation. Davido’s ability to infuse classic sounds with a modern twist speaks to his artistic versatility. His music serves as a conduit that unites cultures, genres, and generations, bridging the gap between the past and the present.

Brand Assets: Davido’s brand assets reflect the vibrancy and global appeal of Afrobeats. Team ICY was responsible for planning and managing 2 professional photo-shoots for DavidO, and the HKN Team: B-Red and Sina Rambo. We selected the stylists, locations and worked with the photographers to explore creative ideas. Images were used across the world for over 3 years. Through the power of an incredible network with Bukola Are and Airis, in a 5-day window, TEAM ICY PR put together and managed the video production planning and crew for 4 music Videos for HKN Music: DavidO including Ekuro and Overseas. We were responsible for selecting models, stylist, make-up and hair team, approving and managing the set and executing the success of each production. Combined, both videos have been viewed over 11million times. To watch the Behind the Scenes click here.(start at 3:28).

Davido’s impact is measured by an array of remarkable achievements that underline his status as a global music icon. We secured Cover story of DavidO as the first male feature on the cover of Radiant Health Magazine, thanks to Editor in Chief, Nnenna Kalu Makanjuola The music videos we were responsible for bringing to life had a total of over 12 million views to-date and were featured across the globe on MTV and BET. The images from the photo-shoot we directed were used over a period of 5 years and reached over 30+ million fans.

Davido’s brand is synonymous with a worldwide movement, transforming Afrobeats into a global cultural phenomenon. His results extend beyond numerical metrics to encompass a legacy that continues to shape the trajectory of Afrobeats, elevating it to the global stage and uniting audiences from all corners of the world.



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