Background: Stephanie Linus is an A-List Nollywood Actress who has etched her name as a symbol of tenacity, intelligence, and grace within Africa’s dynamic entertainment landscape. With her innate acting prowess, she has carved a prominent niche for herself in Nollywood, which now stands as the second-largest film industry in the world. Yet, Stephanie’s driving force behind these remarkable accomplishments transcends fame; it’s an unyielding commitment to empower and elevate women, showcased through her roles as an actress, entrepreneur, activist, and style icon. A graduate of the New York Film Academy, Stephanie expanded her horizons to encompass roles as a director, producer, and writer. Her venture into directing led to the creation of her multi-award winning film DRY!

As a beacon of hope and creativity, Stephanie Linus has been featured by global media powerhouse CNN, Bellanaija, Exquisite magazine, Forbes, Essence and more, underlining her impact and insights on Nigeria’s film industry. With a legacy deeply rooted in empowering women and amplifying voices through her artistic and advocacy endeavors, Stephanie continues to shape the future of entertainment and inspire change within her community and beyond.

Target Audience: Stephanie Linus’ target audience encompasses a diverse group of individuals who resonate with her multifaceted persona and her mission to empower women. Women of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life who seek inspiration, empowerment, and positive representation are drawn to Stephanie’s brand. Her message resonates with aspiring actresses, filmmakers, and creatives looking for guidance, as well as those interested in health and wellness, philanthropy, and social change.

Furthermore, Stephanie’s influence extends to the global film and entertainment industry, including filmmakers, producers, actors, and industry professionals who admire her contributions to Nollywood and her ability to create impactful narratives. Organizations, brands, and media outlets aligned with women’s empowerment, health and wellness, and social causes are also part of her target audience.

Brand Positioning: Stephanie Linus’ brand is positioned as a beacon of empowerment, creativity, and change. She is recognized as a leading actress, director, producer, and advocate who uses her platform to elevate women’s voices, challenge norms, and drive positive social impact. Stephanie’s brand centers around empowering women to embrace their potential, break down barriers, and champion change through various mediums, whether it’s film, activism, or health advocacy.

At the core of Stephanie’s brand is her commitment to portraying authentic and inspiring stories that resonate with women’s experiences. She is celebrated for her versatility as an artist and her ability to use her influence to catalyze positive change within her industry and society. Stephanie’s brand is synonymous with empowerment, resilience, and a dedication to uplifting others.

Brand Assets: Stephanie is one of our legacy clients. Her brand assets reflect her versatile talents, advocacy efforts, and commitment to empowering women. Her website serves as a platform to share her journey, accomplishments, and insights on various topics, including film, women’s health, and social change. Her logo encapsulates her essence, symbolizing empowerment, creativity, and transformation.Beginning with her Visual Brand. We needed to capture the essence of her in a way that was sincere, fun and sexy and we put together a team in L.A. Those images catapulted Stephanie’s international brand as a bonafide change-maker. We selected the stylist, location and worked with the photographer to capture HER. Images were used across the world for over 4 years. We created her website, social media branding and managed and still manage her brand to-date. We created the logo for her award winning movie Dry and subsequently over 5 branding works for her other projects.

Results: We secured over 300 press stories on Stephanie and 10 cover stories including Exquisite magazine, Today’s woman, Flair, Style Me Up, Next Big Thing, African Vibes and more. Stephanie’s work with us has been seen by over 30 million people across the world. Our goal is to support her in sharing her transformative ideas with the world.

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The homepage of sophie daily.
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The poster for dry i want to be a girl again.