Trabian Shorters

Background: His story is one of unwavering commitment to change, empowerment, and the unyielding pursuit of a more equitable world. Trabian is a visionary retired from the tech entrepreneurship. His prowess extends to being a New York Times bestselling author of the Book Reach, co-written with Ben Jealous. He was also a former vice president of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. In this role, he orchestrated the management of $300M in active grants and endowments across 26 cities within the United States.

His impact extends to his authority in pioneering a distinguished cognitive framework known as “Asset-Framing®.” This globally recognized framework is sought after by leaders in philanthropy, journalism, and social impact networks for its ability to drive unparalleled change. Asset-Framing equips practitioners with the tools to foster greater social impact, secure increased funding, engage diverse communities, and construct robust cases for equity and systemic transformation.

Target Audience: Trabian Shorters’ message resonates with a diverse audience of changemakers, leaders, and advocates who seek to challenge and reshape societal narratives. His target audience includes leaders committed to social justice, philanthropy, journalism, and social impact. They are visionaries who believe in the power of re-framing perceptions and narratives to drive meaningful change.

Leaders within foundations, non-profit organizations, and social impact networks are drawn to Trabian’s expertise in Asset-Framing®. They recognize the potential to amplify their impact, raise funds more effectively, engage wider audiences, and advocate for equity through his innovative approach.

Brand Positioning: Trabian Shorters’ brand occupies a unique position at the intersection of social entrepreneurship, advocacy, and innovation. He is a catalyst for redefining narratives and dismantling stigmas, positioning himself as a Thought Leader in the realm of social change. His expertise in Asset-Framing® sets him apart as an international authority, offering a transformative framework that empowers organizations and individuals to create a more equitable world.

Brand Assets: Trabian Shorters’ brand assets are a reflection of his impact and expertise. His logo embodies his message, a visual representation of re-framing with simplicity. His website serves as a hub of knowledge, housing resources, articles, and insights into Asset-Framing and its applications across various fields. His media kit and booking-sheet one-pager showcases his journey, accolades, and the far-reaching influence of his work. We facilitated his appearance on the NPR podcat ON-BEING with Krista Tippett reaching over 100k listeners. Testimonials from leaders within philanthropy, journalism, and social impact networks underscore the tangible results of Asset-Framing.

Results: His impact is evident in transformative results across various sectors. Foundations and non-profits that have adopted Asset-Framing have witnessed increased engagement, expanded reach, and enhanced case-making for equity. The framework has led to successful campaigns, greater funding allocation, and systemic shifts within organizations. His workshops and speaking engagements have empowered leaders to implement Asset-Framing, resulting in broader social impact and an enhanced ability to drive change. Trabian’s work has been recognized through awards and accolades for innovation, storytelling, and impact, solidifying his position as a pioneering force in re-framing narratives.

Ultimately, Trabian Shorters’ results extend beyond numbers; they encompass a shift in perceptions, a transformation in narratives, and a ripple effect of change that resonates across communities, organizations, and beyond.

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